Monday, October 6, 2008

കവിത/Frogs’ covert musings- poem by m k harikumar

The identity of frogs
Is a class apart!

Just the onset of summer
Leaves me panicky:
A fatigued and frantic me
Would change the diet,
take too much water
and fret for medicare.

But, Frogs?
They stay much safer
Deep under the soils’ cover.
They get prepared
To face any draught
Much in advance.

And the advent of first rainfall
Is an event for them to celebrate
And extol the rest of the world
that they had been safe.

For them climate changes
are auspicious times
for meditating still deeper.
Do we ever ponder over
what these frogs meditate about?

Of an exotic tour?
Or about courting a new love?
Could it be about scribbling a poem?

Whatever it is, alas, we humans
Can, in no way, be as superior as frogs.

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