Monday, October 6, 2008

കവിത/The pangs of colours - poem by m k harikumar

Indistinguishable are some hues
For, when I take one to be blue
Others claim it be violet.
All my claims about brown
Have simply got faltered.
They were all but green.
And it’s this very green
That’s puzzled me most.

Assuming some to be orange
I went rushing up to one.
And I got back in the same vein
As it was pure yellow!

Now I go farming my own colours!
Blacks and blues, reds and yellows.
And their use! Only as per needs.

Now I pleasantly realize
That it makes great sense
Producing one’s own colours.
Cost effectively, of course,
To meet one’s own needs.

After all,
Is colour blindness a crime?

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