Thursday, September 26, 2013

letter of K P P NAMBIAR

Dear Harikumar,
From that handsome snap (Kalaakaumudi 1978, August 04, 2013) I presume you are not older than my son and hence an informal  salutation, to start this intrusion! 
Though not a regular reader of Kalaakaumudi,  I did enjoy reading your 'Aksharajaalakam' which apparently  is a regular column. While going through your observations,  I can very well see sparks of a brilliant critic keen to follow global trends and engaged in wide reading,  emerging in Malayalam literary horizon. Obviously, this is not very common in our language and let me compliment you on that score.
In this context, the  purpose of this note is to  draw your attention  to certain relevant facts related to your introducing Kawabata's 'Sound of the Mountain', perhaps the only literary work translated directly from Japanese into Malayalam, back in the eighties as 'MALAYUTE SHABDAM' and serialized in 'Katha Vaarika' a sister publication of Kalaakaumudi during 1986-87 period! It was the result of my decade old  hard work, subsequently published as a book by Current Books Trissur.
If  you read Malayute shabdam,  you may get a different view of the old man Shinko's thoughts focusing NOT on eternal love but on the reverberations of the insurmountable Death! Unfortunately, as it normally happens in Kerala, our great critics have not bothered to review my translation despite readers liking it as seen from its sale reports.
Should you like to get a copy, please let me know (Mob:98470 31309).
Best wishes

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