Friday, October 10, 2008

കവിത/pathways sans poetry-poem by m k harikumar

Loneliness of poets
Has become an inept adage.

Poetry doesn’t give one anything.
Why do we go sleeping peacefully
Putting a poor grain of poetry
In the blues and pools and flowers
Without giving it enough water and care?

What an injustice!
Is it their business:
Say, holding the grain of poetry for us?

It is pitiful (pity, sorry, painful)
that the nature gets penalized
for our dirty delusions (dreams)
and abusing creed of words.

കവിത/Twigs -poem by m k harikumar

These twigs go bowing down
Laden with a handful of memories.

They bring up to our face
Man’s innate insecurities
And absolute helplessness
By overtly spearheading those
Infinite reasons of fathomless times
That remain buried in the ashes.

The cover (hide) of reason
got almost parched out fast.
Dreams got fed up (bored)
With enough of whoring.

And it was asking upon all beggars
If there was anything“prostitutional”
Left to be performed.
Nobody is found
uttering a word.