Thursday, August 14, 2008

poem by m k harikumar

The clowning clouds

The clouds went on with their rituals
without a tint of aesthetics

The jungles of the dark triggered
an invisible fear

The deserted railway station
sans neither passengers nor trains
turned into just a track connecting
unknown cities

The moon bored of complaints
was cooed by the heard of clouds
with the metaphoric

He let out himself for the deaf passions
which even inexpensive love can dispense

He immersed himself in the melody
of primitive ages through the imaginary
wedding mark he drew on her

He listened to the chants of divine lust
by pinching and pasting
sandal on her lower belly
amid bits of grief strewn
by the darkness

The clowning clouds hauled
the moon into infinite pleasures
they led him into offensive and
defensive wars
as if in a black magic spell

The clouds at times recited and
performed some mystic verses from
ancient epics

And removed the veil from the
face of the moon with ritualistic
chants and lights

He became ecstatic by the mystic
ballet in the skies
He tried to kiss out with his lips
the evasive half an inch
hair perched
on her left chin

He drew a calf on her neckline
with his nose
and scribbled the fifty one alphabets
on her tongue with his

Then he turned pale searching
in vain for butterflies
of sexual bliss

He didn’t know when
the clouds came to
veil the moon

Shedding the attires
of parting
he wandered
in the orphaned
of the

trans:saj mathews