Saturday, July 26, 2008


Interview with Harikumar

What is the idea behind your very most popular and widely read column AksharaJaalakam?

It is an outpouring of my freedom. I was highly controlled by many ways ,in the know , i was a main stream jounalist.So i have my own limitations.It was evident in my writings those days.I have to balance the things.
have a lot of friends in the literary world.My writing was blind in those days,, to an extend.I think that every writer is to be free in order to search and find out what is hidden in his mind.
This search is accidentally become creative.Whenever you find a good and correct thing in reading,you will be free.I am enjoying that freedom.

Now i have no inhibition to write something.a job may not prevent me in doing so.this reflects in the wide readership of Aksharajaalakam in Kala Kaumudi.I am getting at least two hundred calls every day , from various parts of the world.The readers actually enjoy it, without no mask.
I cannot attend every calls.I have to respond to many by emails.They are responding to my blogs and sites:mkharikumar,aksharajaalakam.blogspot,