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This is M k

M.K Harikumar was born at Koothattukulam, [ in ernakulam district] on 30th July 1962. He studied at the Koothattukulam Government UP School and later joined Deva Matha College at Kuravilangadu for his B. A. ,was his main stream of study there. After finishing BA he joined for his M A in Nirmala College, Moovattupuzha.
m k has written plays and presented on stage ,while he was studying u p classes.m k was a sportsman too.He was proficient in Pole Vault and High Jump.He played Foot Ball and Basket Ball as M K is a personality who can still play not in the field, but with words also.As usual, after completing his Post Graduation he returned to home for the next three years to read, read and then to write.

Although since existence became a necessity with an ordinary post graduation, Harikumar started a private college and started teaching English and malayalam, not Economics. His penchant for the language was evident since then. Side by side with the tuition, he read on almost all the literary books that were available in his neighbourhood libraries.As reading made him think, he started writing too.

Still a necessity for a job was intense for him.The tuition stopped, as his concentration switched to writing more. But survival became important. Just then after three or four years of self-inflicted uncertainity, he joined as a sub Editor in Mangalam Daily in Kottayam. That was his stepping stone to journalism. Soon he became the Desk Chief there. So increased his responsibilites too. At that stage he even feared whether he would never write again anything other than the conventional news or rewirte the reader's mails.

The realization was a shock to him. But the realization of existing as a writer shocked him even more. So he continued journalism till he joined Kerala Kaumudi hoping for better propsects.He joined kerala Kaumudi as a reporter, and later became Bureau Chief in Ernakulam. He learned to live frugally with his income along with a nucleus family of his own since then.But the writer in him was restless as ever.By this time, he published quite a lot of articles of his own in the current publications. He even started his popular column "Aksharajaalakam" in Kalakaumudi by then.MK started writng from school onwards, in fact.

But that was what a boy of his age could do. As a school boy he participated in oratory competions.His first article was an introduction to the compiliation of three stories published[1980] by Subhash Charvaaka at Kuthattukulam. Soon he was writing in Samkramanam Magazine published from Thiruvanandapuram.That was only a beginning. Then followed many articles from his pen and continued the writing till this time.The first book of MK was published in 1984. It was a study of O V Vijayan's novel Khasakkinte Ithihasam. The work was called "Aathmayangalude Khasak".

With that single critical work, M K was shot into fame. He became a recognized writer. Since then several books were published as follows:

2] Manushyambaranthangal- the horizon of human thought.- study of novels and poems[1989]3] Kadha Aadhunikathakk Shesham- tracing the works after the period of modern short stories.[2000]

4]Veenapoovu Kaavyangalkku Munpe- it studies the VEENAPOOVU ofKumaranasan is the land mark poem in malayalam literature.[2002]

5]Ahambodhathinte Sargathmakatha- a study of short stories of prominent writers.[1995]

6]Puthiya Kavithayude Darsanam- an enquiry in to the new poetry.[2003]

7]Akshara Jaalakam- this is a compiliation of writings in his Kerakaumudi column[ 2004]

8]Navaadwaitham - a study of O V Vijayan's novels[ 2006 ]
Incidently MK with his friends has instituted an Award for the latest developements in malayalam Literature in the name of Khasak Awards[1995]. It has been distributed without fail since the last 13 years to some noted writers in Malayalam Literature. It focuses on literary studies than mere fiction or poem.It is his regular critical column "Aksharajaalakam" in Kala Kaumiudi that made him a noted figure in Malayalam Literary circles as a critic. His criticism on everything and anything is one that was never seen in malayalam since its birth.

He now lives with his wife Anitha, and his two daughters: Malavika and Hima at Tripunithura.MK's other activities include blogging and a mission to plant about Ten Million Trees all over the Globe.He has contributed more than 150 poems both in English and Malayalam in his array of Blogs. Both he takes as his passion than as fun. He has even created a ripple in the internet blogging community a couple of years back.

Right now he has now more than five blogs. Mk has started a publishing house also in the name of Bluemango Books. It has already published translated versions of Poems and Novels and has given its annual awards to the best student writer last year.The award is still open, and u can get more details of that from here.

Now MK spends time writing, editing books, and blogging.

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