Friday, October 25, 2019


This is 37th  year of  my writing  in Malayalam(KERALAM, INDIA) literature  and have till date contributed 25 books to my credit.It includes poems, novels, criticism, columns, short fiction etc  I  published my first article in 1982 in SAMKRAMANAM MONTHLY .Most of my works have been well received by the literary circle and readers, which include prose , columns, short fiction and poems.  M.K.Harikumar Times blog would reveal more about me and my works.
I have also scripted for a movie, CHITHARIYAVAR.And my hundreds of essays ,columns , poems, short fiction (already published in various journals ) are  yet  to  come out in book form .

It has been in the back of mind for several years  to travel the length and breadth of our great country with diverse culture and way of living in our 29 states to write down 1000 poems in a book form which would consist of nearly 1000 pages..This could be titled  POETRY INDIA in English and Malayalam.

I am confident of creating a  '' work of art" as it will depict  all in poetic format, describing   people of each state, their culture, their art forms, their living styles, their marriages, their funerals, their weather,  how they have adopted to live and survive  in  severe weather conditions,the beautiful  landscapes of theirs and many other aspects of human  lives WITH PHOTOGRAPHS.

I will  script every thing in in-depth details  leaving nothing untouched.When published, this great work of art would sell like hot cake and would certainly be a most sought after literary work for students and literary enthusiasts.

As i  gestimate,this huge project of mine will involve lot of travel through out India ,boarding & lodging ,to accomplish my task would cost approximately  Rs.18 to Rs. 20 lakhs ..For the completion of the project would take at least 7 to 8 months.
I wish to co operate with the like minded people.

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