Saturday, May 31, 2008

ഇതാ ഒരു സ്വപ്നം

photo mk

That Thing

No, it has not yet come to a halt;

the train which came charging

to lick away Subramanian from

M Sukumaran’s bosom

Even after slicing apart

Subramanian’s new born

and tossing

the pieces in to

the gorge, it was still on its

mad run lured by the smell of


It was into the slumber of the

mentally deranged

Ambika the train ran into

yesterday after its roaring run

towards Lalitha,

the sweeper

of the government office

and Keerthi, wife of the

private financier.

Nalini who has eyes sketched

by the moans of lilies

and the silence of sandal

was wailing about

her son,

Preman even yesterday

There is a similarity between

the tragedy of

Preman and Subramanian;

In its rage of not getting hold of Preman,

it was the infant of Subramaniam

it snatched and roared away;

Tailor girl Vandana said that when nobody

was around that reptile crawled into

the office with the eyes of a vulture.

It had even tempted Sarasu

while she was taking a dip in the pond

With its rhythmic dancing sound

it entered the room of poet Subramania Das

as a new avatar of Nataraja.

While the brereaved Subrmanian was seeking

answers in a mental asylum

Subramania Das was probing answers

in the Siva Thandava of the

primitive creature

Even in the sublime snow

the train was lurking around

craving for drops of blood;

It revelled in unscrupulous


Subrmanian had a few

things to tell

the world about

the lynching of his new

born on rail tracks.

Human rights commission,

Press conferences,

statements, sit in strike,

nothing compensated his

dreams which got shattered in blood

For him his daughter Pournami

and wife Valli turned to be riddles of his past

He threw them before the approaching

train in the jungle tracks

Then as if in some magnetic craze

that reptile tastily devoured the two

along with Subrmanian

and roared away.