Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Title of this poem is not “Ants”

Though titled ‘Ants’, this poetic piece
doesn’t have either a life of its own
nor any halo around it

Sans any vain imageries of either
separation or grief
ants are breaking all poetic rules

This poem is an escape from history
without any nostalgia,
neither sublimity
nor the flow of Papanasini

Unable to withstand the sense and
the ants are creeping
among these verses;

Without the least faith in lyricism
the ants are searching for poetic impulses
outside the walls of lyrics

The symbols in this poem are nothing but
pieces of life oft used and discarded
by contemporaries

The smell of silence is akin to that of the
frozen bodies in a government hospital

There was sensuous mourns of prostitution
inside a taxi car

There was the lament of the dropouts pasted on the
walls of the police station

Ultra modern lusty obesity of the female mass was in wait
In the condensed darkness of the
transport bus stand

The solitude of the corroded
bodies of a dog lie in the rail track
The discarded plastic cups spread scattered
in the rail tracks

The absurdity of the dumb adolescence
was throbbing inside the lingerie of mary,
a street hooker

The condom crazy feminists
The archaic quivers of the epileptic
being rushed to the hospital in a local bus

Shadows of literary criticism reflecting in the entrails
of the tomoto got smashed onthe road
before reaching the
vegetable stand

The ants needed only the symbols and not
any reviews or explanations

Refusing to become symbols the ants
bid audio to poem, scattered all over
losing their way

Even this poem has nothing to
do with explaining symbols, emblems or wisdom

poem: Title of this poem is not “Ants” by m k harikumar