Thursday, October 23, 2008

Corpse - poem by m k harikumar

How many times has he lain dead.
Many times he even stood dead.
He did not have to be told
As to how he should turn dead
At home, office and before kids.
He did it as a matter of course
He succeeded at it many a time
And no one noticed even when he failed.

Not for nothing it has become
An obsession with him, for,
It was a option better for him.

And he maintained his being
Excited and voracious in speaking
Of international and scientific issues.
Even while on a bus, he bounced on anyone
who just got leaned on his shoulders,
however, inadvertent the man was.
All the while, he had a rare faculty
Of hiding the fact that he was a corpse.
But when he lay dead,
he didn’t feel anything unusual.
It’s all sheer repetition.

But he had his composure poised, thinking
That he wouldn’t be asked to be dead gain.

If ever be alive, it has to be like this.

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