Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thoughts of m k harikumar

" As literary creation is not possible without words, the impetus of conscious that ignore the meanings of words aims at an un accessible zone in literature. The conscious never rests while the words retreat with their inheritance. It aims at an unworldly openness of the soul. What words do talk are definite things. They are the qualifiers of the reason. The massive muscles of words always do pick up visual of life and the magnitude of realities. But a creative mind is restless. It sees the ocean of life beyond the limiting frames of plain words."

"Peep into the nucleus of each experience and live in there; that was what Vijayan. The life of Mankind is not single-faced. It's in multi layers and in various layers of memories. If one wants to walk through those myriad pathways, it needs a microscopic alertness of emotions to imbibe the fertile soil from them and to respond to them."

"Each emotion facilitates the soul with a communication of a sort. It can be of reason or beyond any reasons. communication can be emotional or holistic. Whatever it is experiences are purely holistic. It is not any doctrine of religions. Faith, love etc are indepth emotional puzzles. Likewise there are many things we just cannot label them with a name. There are certain things that would evade and slip away from our mental processes even when we call them disappointment, sorrow or affinity."

"The mind does not move through a single path always. But the writers do create characters who bear sorrow or uphold vengence without thinking in depth. Characters that embody villany or depression are just artificial. No human being could live like that. There are conflicting traits in him. There is a never ending clash of values in his mind. It is crucial who wins the mind. But it is temporary. Traditional; thinkers have built up religious doctrines thinking that man has a single personality. In truth, religious doctrines should be redefined here."
"Man has several faces. In fact he has several 'heads'. That's what the ten heads of Ravana indicates. It is seen visible in Ravana. Man's religious attitude has been flourishing traditionally on a concept that he is single-minded. That is why such characters still do not vanish in literature also. That is a kind of adherence to traditional values. It is influenced by the tradition. Any lofty thoughts might get entangled in weaknesses like this and they can go completely orthodox in approach. Hence characters are born and ballooned as moralistic, realistic or anti-social."

"Whatever man encounters are religious. Artists realize this and their worth through an agonizing experience of his self by assimilating a mental experience. Each experience has a soul. It is a mix of both body and mind. That is eternal truth. Like searching for unknown truth, it creates a lifestyle of its own to live on with what is called known truth. The realities of an Artist are the real experiences of his mental experience. This is applicable to all human beings. Mind and body do not travel along the same road. The complexity of experiences is innate to religious experience."

"Each experience is having a part of mind and a part of body. Knowledge is life here. As man gets his experiences his doors get wide open too. Worldly life is a very long route. It is a mammoth experience. So eternal truth is just his route to his own personal experiences. While alive religiousness comes multifaceted. In each experience his habit changes. Religion has 'heads' that change at lightning speed. Those who search for eternal truth often go blind to the multifacet manifestations of life in real. They search for a truth in infinity through the souls of disparities. This approach is against the life of the present times."

"The chemistry in man as well as his life experiences or religious attitudes do communicate or conflict or get ignored. Man learns through many ways and the knowledge he gains thus offer him umpteen number of holistic moments. without his conscious knowledge he is realizing himself. In that the sound of Nature is reverberating in a miniscule experience of his. "
"Whether it is Marxism or religion or Mathmatics, they are not alien to literature. Revolution against disparity is the nucleus of Marxism. All defensive institutions in the world that are spreading widely do have this nucleus within them. The aim is to abolish autocracy. History wont pardon those who hunted down men and launched political turmoil in the name of Marxism. They will be punished. Many ideological castles have been built up either manipulating or distorting the principles of Marxism. Such things are the residues of some dreams or return of some kind of romantic fancies.There is no greater intellectual failure than not trying to understand the core principles of any doctrines. whether it is realism or romanticism, there is a core source. In literature of the new era such sources are realized. Thus the literary history is protected here."

"We can manipulate the philosophy of any human emotions or change the physics of it. There is Maths for prayer or sorrow; there is Marxism for them. Both prayer and sorrow are only two protraction of daily life. there are a lot of reasons behind them. Prayer and sorrow are man's two resorts. the knowledge about those two resorts-Prayer and Sorrow- make men silent. Anyone has the freedom to cry. The very thought of the freedom to cry make us create opportunities to cry. This is how one feels sex towards sorrow. It is a sex relative to sorrow. Some migrate unconsciously to sex with sorrow from sex with body. As those who believe in sex with sorrow increases it becomes a hot selling consumer item. This is what guides economics. Thus connecting to many laws of beauty and sources of ideas there has been a flood of literary outputs in current literature. One can call it a mix of nuclei of ideologies. This mixing makes the modern literary hype richer."

The paragraphs are from his books

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