Monday, October 20, 2008

Dusk is not poetic anymore- poem by m k harikumar

Dusk declined to be poetic anymore
And it laboured hard instead
for a new poetic genre.

Though it did succeed
In framing some patterns of red,
It gave it up unsatisfied.

That some strong patterns came up,
As though they were instances
Of some mysterious riots let loose
By someone, was just an experiment.
And the dusk now remains tired
of trying out many colours.

It was unsuccessful for it to conclude
that the most trying of challenges
was to live without any poetic shades.

Life is like the dusk.
It’s a constant effort
to be as much less poetic as it could.

But before thinking in this line,
someone else had set a canon
on the dusk’s declining to be poetic.

This is yet another reason for the dusk
to be deviating from the poetic fold.

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