Thursday, November 6, 2008

100 Aphorisms of M K Harikumar , selected and translated by K Santhosh Kumar , Editor , Saturday Digest Online Magazine


Aphorisms [Thoughts]

1. Nostalgia is either a personal hallucination or a savy.
2. One could write only what a society permits today.
3. The success of today's life is there only where a dulicate of the body's image and love remains.
4. Both the body and the mind are for others. Not for one's self. Mind is there to be thrown away like a cigarette packet.
5. One never remains married or otherwise just because he has read poetry. Sexual disappointment would change him in any case.
6. The total experience of today's writers are nothing but an explanation in book form.
7. Life is an argument.An argument between what is right and what is wrong.
8. Millions of insects remain bold even when they could not defend their life from situations that are beyond their control.
9. Art should not be artistic.It should invent itself in art.
10.Commercial banks are much better than lovers. They show enough magnanimity to send ten or more SMSes.
11.The symbol of male has become rotten everywhere.
12.Writing is an enterprise of the future.
13.Things that are deep still remain unexplored.
14.It is revolutionary to be a real woman.
15.One could remain unwomanish by hating men or refraining oneself from self-sex.
16.Truth can topple down like a tent in the wind anytime.
17.There is nothing called reality. We do create it and we do erase it as needed.
18.There are only expectations in TV, film and the media.
19.A writer has no role to play today. He remains in the boundary of his own passport-size photograph when he creates an award for himself.
20.The unpolitical demands of the politicians are the stumbling blocks of the day.
21.There are different types of ambitions and additions in the air. But nothing is tangible.
22.All love will fall off like the scales of a fish.
23.Copulation is not an emotion. it is a drama.
24.A man is supposed to accept many worlds that are a lot bigger and heavier than the world in which he lives.
25.We may see our long-cherished wonders lying around like wet carbon pieces.
26.Love gets a bigger image than those involved in love in the love scenes of a movie where a love song is depicted.
27.Today poetry has deteriorated into a public opinion and as a conventional public notion.
28. Poetry is a mere repetition. It is a ritual art.
29.Rain is painful like a wail of the thoughts that became indebted and hapless as they fall down from the realms of conscious and unconscious.
30.Flower: A symbol of beauty that had to commit suicide by taking the shape of a plastic flower in interior decorations, from its duty of shouldering the weight of poetry.
31.Meditation is a necessarry characteristic for the praying process that beseech the well being of all the life on earth.
32.A woman who thinks that the advantage of love and sex is for the man, cannot enjoy her own sexual emotions.
33. Butterfly: An insect experimenting how to fly free from the thoughts that bind itself with any after-the-life relationships.
34. Reality: It is another planet within the planet called earth.
35.Tortoise: A humble irresponsible being that does not possess any drive or have any challenge as to walkdown a certain distance in a day, a month or even an year.
36.The world today is not with love. Neither love is with the boy who loves someone.
37.Even Poets do not need poetry. They only need prose.
38.The holistic values of the emtional life of men today is lost for ever.
39.There is no relation between religion and religiousness.
40. Each idea is destined to be holistic.
41.There is only body-relationship among men today. Their inner world has been lost somewhere.
42. In this new age, there is no centre called poet. There is only one who uses words!
43. Human identity is lost!
44.The equality of experiences is what becomes special in today's world. It has made literature unliterature. These days when everything is dying the only escape is to laugh at one's self to apply break to the continuity of events.
45.Sky is not just a thought. One can be there in different planes. It is an excellent symbol of friendship.
46.The wind brings in wisdom.
47.A writer's challenge is to live inside each cell of the experience after scrutinizing them.
48. Our logic, emotion and precious knowledge are all end-results of one or more jouenys.such a journey fails even the galaxy.
49.The meaning of all the words is just the same.
50.Love has become not a commodity to be handled carefully.
51.Life is a loss of memory on another memory.
52.Love is an interaction like the deadly sting of a scorpion.
53.The real poetry is beyond the words in that poetry.
54.A flower falling down is history.
.Man's life is neither a story or a book.
56.All stories of writers have turned unbelievable today.
57.The reality of literature has becomevery feebleseveral times than it was what before.
58.The real silence is the dissatisfaction arising out of cumulative thinking.
59.Real writing takes place when blind-beliefs of the past are broken.
60.A writer has to turn himself into a media.
61. Religion is both a temple and the idol.
62.We have no surplus value , when vices engulf us as a fire on dry leaves.
63.Our barren earth begins with us. it grows beyond our body outwards, slowley.
64.Trees create a new language for oneness.
65.Tree is a spirituality to all animals.
66.Night: it is an aesthetic ambience of an unworldly solitude, apprehension , expectation and dread.
67.Literature is the economics of the energy of the relativeness of life that seprates the world from the unknown.
68. Art is the condition of an energy that experiments with the equivalency of images larger than life , generated by dissolving one's own life in contemplation .
69.There are short cuts in quizz for everything.Life itslef is a big quiz.
70.Being a male means to keep guard on an energy that is being developed more than what is needed.
71. There are no stories in Malayalam. Only film scripts are there.
72. The otherday I watched the speech of Sukumar Azhikode in TV, who is a greatest speaker in Malayalam. That speech was not a speach. It was his many speeches.
73.It needs water to remind us that there is nothing left to remember when it is flowing.
74.The unconditional flow of water is what is called life.
75.Water is a suicide squad .
76.The solitude of the words is the biggest puzzle of today.
77. the existance of man is the silliest in the world. If a wind blows, it falls down.
78.There is no Life anywhere.
79.It is fun to search for stars in a sky which is not existing there.
80.Beauty is not religious today.It is a festival for others.
81. Life is ,at the same time , old and new.
82.It is a good subject to be discussed proudly by everyone when they realize that they have their own deaths.
83. Plant is not earthly.
84.The very look at each object makes a writer lost in words.
85.Unless carefully observed one's mind, it is lost for ever.
86.Knowledge is like the moult of the reptiles. They are to be used and then to be thrown away.
87.Many knowledge leads one to be aloof.
88.If there is no speed there is no journey.
89.The journey in a man's mind do travel many times faster than the light.
90.The path is the journey.
91. The journey is the path.
92.Our journeys are not towards one particular destination; they are toward many destinations.
93. Our journeys defeat the Time. In this journey we are only temporary camps.
94.All roads will end at last. The real journey also ends.
95.We carry in our mind more than what our bodies could carry.
96. our paths are getting erased as soon as they are created. That is how the butterfly-journey begins.
97. Those who become victims of their own decisions do feel more boredom.
98.In the new market system, a woman has more market share than a man. Their pictures, sound, the very presence- everything do boost the market.
99. The hands remain worried not knowing what to do when we stand in que or watch a film or even talk with another one.
100.For writers, youth is there to accept disgrace.

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