Sunday, August 3, 2008

poem by mk harikumar

When Mukundan blew the Konch

Mukundan blew the Konch
releasing a sound bird;
which flew away afar

The he blew again to see whether
the sound bird he blew out
from the Konch
can come back to its source

But this time also the sound bird
flew out from the Konch only to vanish

He wondered whether the long
arms and legs of the sound will ever
come back for their original
hideouts in his soul

Even in half sleep
he blew the sound birds;
And the Konch had an infinite
reserve of them

The Konch is either sound
or strength or speed
each time, he wanted
to trace where the sound birds
have glided
away from the konch

In fact konch on its own was devoid of sound;
It only has a human soul behind it

And even the human soul doesn’t possess
the sound;

The sound birds take birth
only when the human soul
and the Konch join together

trans:saj mathews

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