Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tigers don’t bite -poem by m k harikumar

Tigers don’t bite these days.
Instead they keep on coming
In search of zoos thinking,
It is better be living in cells.

At a time when biting and roaring
Are of no value, to be all out en masse΄
in search of tigers is revolutionary.

And what is breaking news today?
It’s the tigers’ effort to be a neo breed.
By being not biting and not roaring.

They went on seeking fresher traits
Even in their eating and sleeping patterns.
They broke lighter moments with kids
And mistook themselves to be a newer race.

Even when kids groped deep in their mouths
They did not bite, but just laughed assuredly.
And their fight now is to invent pseudo jokes.

Thus they fell upon a major finding
That there is not a self-indulging thing
As much pleasing as realizing that
they themselves are a laughing stock.

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