Friday, June 5, 2009

interview with Alan Kirby by M K Harikumar

1] Your statement is '' post modernism is dead and buried''- how?

The statement has slightly different meanings in the various contexts where it can be applied. As a set of aesthetic practices, postmodernism appears old-fashioned and exhausted, uninteresting and irrelevant to today’s creators. As a sociohistorical account of our times it has been subsumed into a changed contemporary landscape; its points of reference are now remote from us. Philosophically, its concerns and strategies no longer fascinate and excite with the energy they formerly summoned, and many have been absorbed into the past history of thought. The superannuation of postmodernism has been announced by figures as diverse as Linda Hutcheon, Charles Jencks, Gilles Lipovetsky, Raoul Eshelman and Nicolas Bourriaud; it has been the subject of an exhibition at the Tate in London and a special issue of Twentieth-Century Literature. Nevertheless, traces of the old do linger on, often in mutated or buried form.

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